Out of five senses, at least three are equipped for reading. πŸ‘€πŸ‘‚πŸΌβœ‹πŸ½

For quite a while I thought listening to audio books to be more of cheating than reading. But after knowing that even Steven King does that, I stopped nurturing this malconception. And started reading through my ears even more.
It took time to learn the auditory system to be concentrated enough and willing to really hear the book readingly.

To make my auditory reading qualitatively comparable, if not equal, to visual reading, i took pencil and started making notes. It works like this: I listen, whenever i hear smth i would underline in a paper book or would highlight in my kindle, i pause, i go to my evernote and i write down the line.

Thus, here you will find all those heard and highlighted pieces of different books that happened to end up in my ears. There is no 100% guarantee of accuracy, there is no β€œwhat you should not miss in this book” approach, there is no scientific method behind the curtains. As well as no plots, no reviews, no critical analyses and no recommendations The notes are subjective, often bitty and torn out of context. Still, in a world where one brain cannot read all the books in the world, such type of sharing can do smth of a good.

That is the story behind the Book Bug. Please do not hesitate to take anything you like out of it. Once you are here, you also kind of heard a thing.