Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal


Habits — automatic behaviors triggered by situational cues.
Our behaviors were engineered
Before searching their brains, they query google
Products manufacture habits
Commonalities among winners
Stanford2012 — the science of influencing hum.behavior
1 trigger – extern, internal
2 action
3 variable reward – dopamine
4 investment
Everything becomes more potentially habit forming
Choice architecture
Trinity of access, data and speed — to create positive habits
Habits — behaviors done with little or no conscious thought
Habits – a pull of automatic scripts in basal ganglia
Vitamin + painkiller: nice-to-haves >> must-haves
Seeking pleasure / avoiding pain
Products that connect their problems with your sollution
How they resolve their problem now
Insta: I feel i need to grab it before it’s gone
By allowing notifications, i trade a share of my attention to someone else
Internal trigger is linked to personal emotion
Boredom, loneliness, frustration, confusion, indecisiveness are powerful triggers — a slight pain.
… a fear that a moment will be lost forever …
People do not know what emotions motivate them / they don’t think in such terms: they say ‘i want a coffee’, not ‘i’m feeling the lack of dopamine’
Declared preferences require neocortex, feeling and doing do not.
User narrative
Customer development
Usability studies
Empathy maps
Try asking why as many times as it takes to get to an emotion (the 5th why): Toyota
Understanding users pain
To initiate action, doing must be easier than thinking
Persvasive techn lab:
Suffic motivation – the energy for action /pleasure, hope, social rejection/
The ability to complete action
B = M A T
Cross an action line
Make the product that users already know how to use it and you’ve got a winner
Heuristics cognit.hacks
The appearance of scarcity encreases the value
Bell in the subway / wine: framing heuristic
Ankering effect
What draws us to act is not the sensation itself but anticipation (the need to alleviate the craving for that reward)
Becoming aware is a break of familiar studied cause-and-effect link. Novelty sparks our interest, makes us pay attention. And we seem to love it.
VarRew: tribe (social appreciation, validation, learning from others Bandura, honour points), hunt (persistant chasing, drivenn by purciut itself self (a feeling of completion and mastery)
But you are free technique
An element of mystery
New content and experiences
// due to interpretation, language and metaphor are potentially endless sources for variable reward //
The hardest thing to predict is behavior of other people: that is was keeps the game interesting
Finite and infinite variability
Giving users what they want is not enough to create a habit-forming product
We irrationally value our efforts
Our past is a good predictor of our future.
Rationalisation — changing attitudes and believes to adapt psychologically.
We believe in what we spend time on
Users do not stay hooked forever
We are all in the persuasion business
Sociatal antibodies to addictive new things
Manipulation matrix: facilitator, peddler, entertainer, dealer
Build on meaning and you can’t go wrong

“On Writing” by King

Writing is humane, editing is divine.


Writing is humane, editing is divine.
The shorter the book, the less bullshit.
Literature is the purest distellatioj of telepathy.
We’ve got the meeting of the minds.
Your own foreseeing place
The  🍞 of writing is vocabulary.
Use the first word that comes to your mind if it’s apropriate and colorful. Of course, there’s always another word, but it …
Grammar: you rather absorbe or not
Bad grammar produces bad sentences
Nouns name, verbs act.
Passive voice
The road to hell is paved with adverbs
Writing is refine thinking
The vessel where words become more than mere words is the paragraph
You need a room, you need a door, and you need determination to shut that door.
Narration (action) / Description (sensory information) / Dialogues -(well-tuned ear)  where is the plot? Nowhere. Life is plotless.
Stories are relicts
Plot is a jackhammer
The situation comes first
Mental eye
Practice will never make you perfect. Why would it?
Working hard and having fun
Thinking above the curve

“The Everything Store” by Brad Stone


Amazon began as a math error. …  Jeff embraced the most important truth of the time. relentless.com
He wanted people to think deeply and take time to express their thoughts. [and made his stuff do presentations in form of narratives]
Amazon isn’t happening to the book business, furure is happening to the book business. … It is easier to invent a future than to predict it.
Things just do not grow that fast. What kind of business plan might make sense in the context of this growth.
The regret minimizatiom framework (remains of the day)
Am survived — conviction improvisation luck
Visceral distaste for inafficiency (from grandpa)
Jeff, one day you’ll understand that it’s harder to be kind than clever
I like to be counted on
From warestores to distubution centers to fulfillment centers
The principles of math were on their side. And if tou are patient and tanacious, you can carry the day
TV in a conference room: hiw anything good can be communicated in this way?
I don’t want this place to become a country club. What we do is hard.
It was never about 79 dollars, it was about changing people’s metality so they really wouldn’t shop anywhere else
Jeff bots
A good book diappears in reader’s hands.
Gasel project
Temple for twin gods of efficiency and selection

“Origin” by Dan Brown



Historically, the most dangerous men of earth were men of God. Especially when their gods became threatened.
The devout can always benefit from listening to non-believers. It is in hearing the voice of devil that we can better appreciate the voice of god.
Please, forgive my aging sense of humor.
The Spanish armada may be not the most potent navy on earth any more, but we still know how to dress an officer.
Two universal mistaries are human creation and human destiny.
The violent tag of war between the veey old and the very new
In symbology the difference between close ans exact could be the difference between a nazi swastica and a buddhism symbol of prosperity.
…. a political grenade that nobody felt like touching….
I times of violence nothing comforts like the hand of God. /and we live in a time of lowest rates of violence/
In my classroom, t is greater than zero, for all enquuries where t equals zero, please visit the religion department.
Marooha Majio
You never married, you have no children and you look fantastic in black.
And the geek shall inherit the earth.
Generous speed limit
Strange white bird … the futility of words
Humans are half-baked
I simply choose to go one God further.
If there is a divine force responsible for creation, it is laughing out loud out there at our religion‘s attempts to define it.
The dark religions are departed et sweet science reigns.
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
Miller-Yuriy experiment
Where do we come from? And where are we going?
But first, let’s take a swim in the primordial soup.
A single cell in the ocean of life
Darwin’s theory described the survival of the fittest but not the arrival of the fittest.
this experiment raised some eyebrows
Computer modelling is a kind of time machine.
One goal — to spread energy.
Matter self-organizes in an effort to better disperse energy. Nature, in an effort to promote disorder, creates little pockets of order.
As it turns out, life is an exceptionally effective tool for dissipating energy.
If you are an entropy tool, the easiest way to do more work is to make copies of yourself.
We are the inevitable result of entropy.
Life is not the point of the universe. Life is simply universe creates and reproduces in order to dissipate energy.
Animating — twinning— filling in the gaps.
The 7th kingdom — technia
The cambrium explosion of techium
A deep purple
Obligate indosimbiosis
A fusion of biology and technology
Education environment
We do not choose love, it comes from another realm.
My love, he whispered, how can i ever begin to tell you, i’m sorry.
Pattern and code. What is DNA?
I do believe you’ve spared me an ackward ethical dilemma.

“Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” by Michael Wolff



You hit Donald at on the head and he keeps on going, he doesn’t even know he’s been hit.
Donald Trump — the platform for the message that the world needs borders.
Just doing things became a Brennan principle.
to more value-free Hollywood.
the business of trying to control Trump
not bending to the advise but shopping for the advise they wanted
they had tolerance but no illusions
the big deal of being a president was not so apparent to him
there’s always some smart money in the middle
how smth hardly plausible can lead to smth totally incredible
He didn’t process information in any conventional way, in fact he didn’t process it at all
How long he could go on if he could command time as well as language?
It took absolute discipline not to acknowledge what anyone could see
President seemed … presidential
He just wanted to be loved
Trump in his true heart was a marshmallow
He was after all Donald Trump however much you shined him up
He simply hoped that difficult desicions would make themselves
He hopelessly personalized everything
Trump believed that one man could be bigger than the system
This lack of calculation, this inability to be political was part of his political charm. It was just his good luck.
Wow, public life doesn’t happen like this
Left brain right brain divide of the white house
Trump knew that the war was cursed, and knowing that he did not feel any need to know more
The other biggest guy in the room always had to be reduced in size
There is no executive privilege, we’ve proved that in Whatergate
Trump, the least disciplined man in politics
It’s Shakespearen
So, I punch you in your face and then shout oh my god we gotta take you to the hospital
Next stage of trumpism was to protect it from Trump.
Trump, in Brennan’s view, was a chapter or even a detour in a trump’s revolution which had always been about weaknesses in two  major parties. …Trump is just a beginning. It’s going to be wild as shit.

“The noise of time” by Julian Barns


Art is the whisper of history heard above the noise of time.
One to hear, one to remeber and one to drink
It began in different minds and the different places.
It was an enviable skill, to be a normal human.
A madman, an ironist, a Russian?
There are never a shortage of Zakrevskis.
The harder the times the grabier the hands.
Fear and shame swirled happily together in his stomache.
To be a russian was to be pessimistic.
Irony grows as fast as a mushroom, as disastoruously as cancer. (when the noise of time becomes too hard)
Well, life is not a walk across the field.
Integrity is like virginity.
No one died in the right time: some too soon, some too late.
By allowing him to live, they had killed him.

“American Fire” Monica Hesse

2018-01-15 21.45.35

Fire is a living breathing thing. It pushes. It pulses.

Big name crimes have a way of becoming big name not only because of the crimes themselves but because of the story they tell about the country at the moment.

America frayed about its rural parts and the arsons were an ideal criminal metaphor for 2012.

Other crimes leave traceable behavior patterns, arson is unknowable.

(Accomack) wasn’t backward, it was simple.

Eastern shore arsonist hunters. T-shirts available for $22.

Geographic profiling / location data analysis — mapping criminal’s mind.

Given the droplets, you could find the sprinkler, find the sprinkler — find the criminal.

Then the algorithm was needed, and the input is the most likely occasion to poison the data.

… modern romace of limited budgets and modest expectations, and the simplest of pleasures.

How do you measure crazy behavior when it is just a normal reaction to a crazy situation.

Madness of two …

… even two people who love each other deeply will always be two people, two souls. You can never completely get in someone’s head or in someone’s heart. It is the greatest tragedy and the greatest beauty of the relationship.

It looked like hell was coming up through the ground.

Everybody has a reason for what they do in life.

It was the intangible charlieness of Charlie.

To residents, statistics could not account for the deep feeling of belonging that came from being able to find your surname in 300 year old county records… places don’t feel like disappearing to the people who are living there.

Nostalgia is the only good America will never stop producing.

Whatever passions had caused the fire had ended and nothing was burning anymore.