|American Fire| Monica Hesse

2018-01-15 21.45.35

<Fire is a living breathing thing. It pushes. It pulses.>

<Big name crimes have a way of becoming big name not only because of the crimes themselves but because of the story they tell about the country at the moment.>

<America frayed about its rural parts and the arsons were an ideal criminal metaphor for 2012.>

<Other crimes leave traceable behavior patterns, arson is unknowable.>

<(Accomack) wasn’t backward, it was simple.>

<Eastern shore arsonist hunters. T-shirts available for $22.>

<Geographic profiling / location data analysis — mapping criminal’s mind.>

<Given the droplets, you could find the sprinkler, find the sprinkler — find the criminal.>

<Then the algorithm was needed, and the input is the most likely occasion to poison the data.>

<… modern romace of limited budgets and modest expectations, and the simplest of pleasures.>

<How do you measure crazy behavior when it is just a normal reaction to a crazy situation.>

<Madness of two …>

<… even two people who love each other deeply will always be two people, two souls. You can never completely get in someone’s head or in someone’s heart. It is the greatest tragedy and the greatest beauty of the relationship.>

<It looked like hell was coming up through the ground.>

<Everybody has a reason for what they do in life.>

<It was the intangible charlieness of Charlie.>

<To residents, statistics could not account for the deep feeling of belonging that came from being able to find your surname in 300 year old county records… places don’t feel like disappearing to the people who are living there.>

<Nostalgia is the only good America will never stop producing.>

<Whatever passions had caused the fire had ended and nothing was burning anymore.>

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