|Origin| by Dan Brown


<Historically, the most dangerous men of earth were men of God. Especially when their gods became threatened.>

<The devout can always benefit from listening to non-believers. It is in hearing the voice of devil that we can better appreciate the voice of god.>

<Please, forgive my aging sense of humor.>

<The Spanish armada may be not the most potent navy on earth any more, but we still know how to dress an officer.>

<Two universal mistaries are human creation and human destiny.>

<The violent tag of war between the veey old and the very new.>

<In symbology the difference between close ans exact could be the difference between a nazi swastica and a buddhism symbol of prosperity.>

<…. a political grenade that nobody felt like touching….>

<I times of violence nothing comforts like the hand of God. /and we live in a time of lowest rates of violence.>

<In my classroom, t is greater than zero, for all enquuries where t equals zero, please visit the religion department.>

<Marooha Majio>

<You never married, you have no children and you look fantastic in black.>

<And the geek shall inherit the earth.>

<generous speed limit>

<Strange white bird … the futility of words>

<Humans are half-baked>

<I simply choose to go one God further.>

<If there is a divine force responsible for creation, it is laughing out loud out there at our religion‘s attempts to define it.>

<The dark religions are departed et sweet science reigns.>

<Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.>

<Miller-Yuriy experiment>

<Where do we come from? And where are we going?>

<But first, let’s take a swim in the primordial soup.>

<A single cell in the ocean of life.>

<Darwin’s theory described the survival of the fittest but not the arrival of the fittest.>

<this experiment raised some eyebrows>

<Computer modelling is a kind of time machine.>

<One goal — to spread energy.>

<Matter self-organizes in an effort to better disperse energy. Nature, in an effort to promote disorder, creates little pockets of order.>

<As it turns out, life is an exceptionally effective tool for dissipating energy.>

<If you are an entropy tool, the easiest way to do more work is to make copies of yourself.>

<We are the inevitable result of entropy.>

<Life is not the point of the universe. Life is simply universe creates and reproduces in order to dissipate energy.>

<Animating — twinning— filling in the gaps.>

<The 7th kingdom — technia.>

<The cambrium explosion of technium.>

<a deep purple>

<Obligate indosimbiosis>

<A fusion of biology and technology>

<Education environment>

<We do not choose love, it comes from another realm.>

<My love, he whispered, how can i ever begin to tell you, i’m sorry.>

<Pattern or code. What is DNA?>

<I do believe you’ve spared me an ackward ethical dilemma.>

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