|Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City| by Matthew Desmond

[Подсмотрела эту работу, а это — полноценное настоящее качественное исследование, у господина Гейтса. Она у него в топ-5 прочитанного в 2017-м. Согласна с Биллом: отрезвляющая и многое проясняющая вещь. Она как Бесстыжие (до 5-го сезона, к слову,чудесная история), только несмешно и всё правда.]

2018-01-29 12.25.58

<poverty is a relationship> … <Poor black men were locked up, poor black women were locked out.>

<No one thought of the poor as undeserving as the poor themselves.>

<… the reverse was true: Lauren threw money away becasue she was poor> … <She paid the price for her lobster dinner.>

<In Sharina’s portfolio, her worst properties yielded her biggest returns.> … <The hood is good, there’s a lot of money there.>

<To help the poor and to help the specific poor with their histories and choices are two distinct to help.>

<For most residents, the goal was to live, not to plant roots and change things.>

<Home is the place where our identity takes roots.>

<Neighborhood is a patchwork of homes.>

<Store house — the giant stomache digesting the city.>

<What’s the number one rule in real estate? Location, location, location.
What’s the number one rule for being a landlord? Screening, screening, screening.>

<The business of owning the city>

<Keep your head up by Tupak>

<The difference between stable poverty and grinding poverty. .. She could make long decisions.>

<We don’t do juniors.>

<But Malik was acting extra-dependable.>

<There was no one around my stomach when you were kicking me.>

<Scott had a gentle broken spirit.>

<bee-hive, because tenant beezed in and out>

<A new arrival at the bottom.>

<Susie’s favoirite supplier>

<“This is my property.” A proud and powerful chorus.>

<Scott was shocked at what people left behind.>

<Sleep with your mouth closed.>

<We didn’t know we were poor.>

<Consuming brutal kind of love.>

<The great rent riots (early 20th)>

<High tolerance for inequality>

<Middle class relatives were useless that way>

<Black rent class>

<The crime of mean circumstances>

<The judgement system is no charity, no jobs program, no housing authority>

<If we cannot pull the weed up from the roots, than at least we can cut low at the stem>

<Living poverty often meant stirring through norald thickets of interconnected misfortunes and trying not to go crazy>

<Patron Saint for difficult cases>

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