|Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House| by Michael Wolff


<You hit Donald at on the head and he keeps on going, he doesn’t even know he’s been hit.>

<Donald Trump — the platform for the message that the world needs borders.>

<Just doing things became a Brennan principle.>

<more value-free Hollywood>

<the business of trying to control Trump>

<not bending to the advise but shopping for the advise they wanted>

<they had tolerance but no illusions>

<the big deal of being a president was not so apparent to him>

<there’s always some smart money in the middle>

<how smth hardly plausible can lead to smth totally incredible>

<He didn’t process information in any conventional way, in fact he didn’t process it at all.>

<How long he could go on if he could command time as well as language?>

<It took absolute discipline not to acknowledge what anyone could see.>

<President seemed … presidential>

<He just wanted to be loved.>

<Trump in his true heart was a marshmallow.>

<He was after all Donald Trump however much you shined him up.>

<He simply hoped that difficult desicions would make themselves.>

<He hopelessly personalized everything.>

<Trump believed that one man could be bigger than the system.>

<This lack of calculation, this inability to be political was part of his political charm. It was just his good luck.>

<Wow, public life doesn’t happen like this.>

<Left brain right brain divide of the white house.>

<Trump knew that the war was cursed, and knowing that he did not feel any need to know more.>

<The other biggest guy in the room always had to be reduced in size.>

<There is no executive privilege, we’ve proved that in Watergate.>

<Trump, the least disciplined man in politics.>

<It’s… Shakespearen.>

<So, I punch you in your face and then shout oh my god we gotta take you to the hospital.>

<Next stage of trumpism was to protect it from Trump.>

<Trump, in Brennan’s view, was a chapter or even a detour in a trump’s revolution which had always been about weaknesses in two major parties. …Trump is just a beginning. It’s going to be wild as shit.>

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