|Narcissus and Goldmund| by Herman Hesse


<Read books, taught boys, grew old, died.> IMG_8457

<Even pious friendly visions may trick us.>

<His was the service of the mind … the pleasure of arrogance.>

<Whip now, it is the best you can do.>

<Loving to him was not an actual condition but a miracle.>

<It was alright to wait and see.>

<Words came later.>

<I want to serve the mind … the way I understand the mind. Not more. Is that not a goal?>

<There was time ro be unhappy later.>

<He’d never been in such a situation. This was a result of using words.>

<I think much less than you imagine.>

<Your face is a good recommendation.>

<I saw that the greatest pain and the most intense extasy have almost the same expression.>

<Experience taught him that every woman was beautiful and able to bring joy.>

<He never loved half way.>

<Eternally she gave birth and eternally she killed.>

<thoughtlessly, shamelessly, vulnerably>

<playing house had come to an end>

<Did all this make sense? Was it worth experiencing?>

<The rich blamed the poor and vice verse, both blamed the Jews, or the Frech, or the doctors.>

<Be sad as long as you must.>

<You have so deep sounds on your throught, my golden bird.>

<— Isn’t it hell? Isn’t it revolting and disgusting?
— Certainly, this is how the world is.>

<You think that the things you have said are thoughts. But they are not thoughts, they are feelings.>

<How lovely. But now, my dear Goldmuld, you’ve straid anknowingly into philosophy and have expressed one of its secrets. … you’ve spoke of basic images, the images that exist nowhere exept of creative mind but which can be realized and made visible in matter.>

<You seem to have become a pegan but we are not afraid of it… surely you would have made a very bad monk.>

<Without a mother one cannot love, without a mother one cannot die.>

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