|On Writing| by King

<Writing is humane, editing is divine.>
<The shorter the book, the less bullshit.>
<Literature is the purest distellatioj of telepathy.>
<We’ve got the meeting of the minds.>
<your own foreseeing place>
<The 🍞 of writing is vocabulary.>
<Use the first word that comes to your mind if it’s apropriate and colorful. Of course, there’s always another word, but it …>
<Grammar: you rather absorbe or not.>
<Bad grammar produces bad sentences.>
<Nouns name, verbs act.>
<The road to hell is paved with adverbs.>
<Writing is refine thinking.>
<The vessel where words become more than mere words is the paragraph.>
<You need a room, you need a door, and you need determination to shut that door.>
<Narration (action) / Description (sensory information) / Dialogues -(well-tuned ear)  where is the plot? Nowhere. Life is plotless.>
<Stories are relicts.>
<Plot is a jackhammer.>
<The situation comes first.>
<mental eye>
<Practice will never make you perfect. Why would it?>
<Working hard and having fun.>
<thinking above the curve>

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