|The Everything Store| by Brad Stone


<Amazon began as a math error.>

<Jeff embraced the most important truth of the time.>


<He wanted people to think deeply and take time to express their thoughts.>

<Amazon isn’t happening to the book business, furure is happening to the book business. … It is easier to invent a future than to predict it.>

<Things just do not grow that fast. What kind of business plan might make sense in the context of this growth.>

<The regret minimizatiom framework (remains of the day)>

<Amazon survived because of conviction improvisation luck.>

<Visceral distaste for inafficiency (from grandpa)>

<Jeff, one day you’ll understand that it’s harder to be kind than clever.>

<I like to be counted on>

<From warestores to distubution centers to fulfillment centers>

<The principles of math were on their side. And if tou are patient and tanacious, you can carry the day.>

<TV in a conference room: how anything good can be communicated in this way?>

<I don’t want this place to become a country club. What we do is hard.>

<It was never about 79 dollars, it was about changing people’s metality so they really wouldn’t shop anywhere else>

<Jeff bots>

<A good book diappears in reader’s hands.>

<Gasel project>

<the temple for twin gods of efficiency and selection>

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