|The noise of time| by Julian Barns


<Art is the whisper of history heard above the noise of time.>

<One to hear, one to remeber and one to drink.>

<It began in different minds and the different places.>

<It was an enviable skill, to be a normal human.>

<A madman, an ironist, a Russian?>

<There are never a shortage of Zakrevskis.>

<The harder the times the grabier the hands.>

<Fear and shame swirled happily together in his stomach.>

<To be a russian was to be pessimistic.>

<Irony grows as fast as a mushroom, as disastoruously as cancer. (when the noise of time becomes too hard)>

<Well, life is not a walk across the field.>

<Integrity is like virginity.>

<No one died in the right time: some too soon, some too late.>

<By allowing him to live, they had killed him.>

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